Privacy Statement

This is the Privacy Statement of InWin Development (NL) B.V. (hereinafter "InWin NL" or "we"). InWin NL is located in Krimpen a/d Ijssel, The Netherlands. The Chamber of Commerce number of InWin NL is: 24343033. InWin NL is responsible for the processing of personal data.

InWin NL has a Data Protection officer ("DPO"). The DPO maintains internal monitoring of the data processing of InWin NL and its sister companies. If you have any complaints or questions that cannot be dealt with by the customer service, you can contact the DPO. This can be sent by post to InWin NL attention to the Data Protection Officer, Nieuwe Tiendweg 11A, Unit 3, 2922EN Krimpen a/d Ijssel, The Netherlands, or by e-mail via [email protected] .

In this statement we explain what our general policy is in relation to the processing of personal data. We describe what personal data we process from you, how we guarantee your privacy and what rights you have.

This statement relates to data we process from customers, visitors to our website, supplier applicants and all other relations of InWin NL.

What is the general privacy policy of InWin NL?

• InWin NL respects the privacy of all visitors to its website , its (potential) customers and relationships.
• InWin NL puts the safety and confidentiality of your personal data first and carefully with your personal data.
• InWin NL only shares your data with parties that it enables to supply its services and with parties with which it must share information on the basis of a legal obligation.
• InWin NL is constantly looking for ways to improve its service and to tailor it as much as possible to your personal wishes and needs. In doing so, InWin NL always takes into account your privacy and adheres to the requirements of the applicable data protection legislation.

When do we collect your personal data and how do we get it?

InWin NL processes your personal data because you:

• Uses or wants to make use of its services;
• Fill in or leave your details in one of its branches or via other common channels, such as e-mail, the website or by telephone;
• Visit the InWin NL website;
• Have a business relationship with InWin NL;
• Apply for InWin NL.

Most of the data we collect from you is delivered to you. The data that goes depends on the specific services. In some cases we can retrieve the data from our database so that you do not have to supply your data repeatedly.

We also collect your personal data through the cookies that we place. The latter is after acceptance.

For what purposes do we collect your personal data?

InWin NL processes your personal data for the following purposes:

I. Communication. We will use your contact details to contact you if necessary, for example for the settlement of warranty or recall of products. Further to inform you about our services and to notify you of promotions and offers. We also use your phone number, if you have given your consent, to inform you personally about your relevant offers or to include you in your relevant WhatsApp groups.

II. Acquisition. To bring InWin NL to the attention of potential customers.

III. Executing contract. If you are a customer or supplier of InWin NL then we process your data for the preparation, realization and execution of the agreement.

IV. Creditworthiness check. In certain cases, we test the creditworthiness of our customers, suppliers or other affiliates. We do this by using an external agency. Typically, only business information is processed in this process, but personal information may also be processed.

V. Application procedure. Both following open applications and following a vacancy.

VI. Laws and regulations. We process your personal data if we are obliged to do so on the basis of laws and regulations.

VII. Security. To monitor our property and to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers, InWin NL and car parks are equipped with cameras.

VIII. User Experience website. To assess whether the InWin NL website provides an optimal user experience.

IX. Marketing analysis and research. We use your contact information to invite you to participate in surveys and customer panels. In addition, we use purchase data to create analyses. We also use your data for general market research.

X. Personalised offers. We use your purchase information to make offers that are tailored to your preferences and interests.

XI. Direct Marketing/advertising. To show you ads on other websites that match your preferences.

What are the bases for the processing?

We process your data because we need this information for entering into or executing the agreement with you, as we have a legal obligation, you have granted permission to do.

If you have given InWin NL permission to process your personal data for certain purposes, you may revoke this consent at any time in the same manner as you have provided it.

What processes does it run and what personal data does it collect by InWin NL?

InWin NL processes your personal data in different processes. Below you'll find an overview of the most important processes.

1. Customer Service/Contact form

With InWin NL's customer service you can find all your questions, comments and complaints about the services of InWin NL and your purchases.

InWin NL customer service will ask you to leave certain details so that they can serve you well. Sometimes it will be necessary to share your data with third parties.

The information that comes with the customer service can be used for research purposes to further improve our services.

On the InWin NL website you can contact InWin NL via a contact form, for example when you have a question or a complaint. This is included in our customer service and will be handled as soon as possible. The information we ask you to fill in, we need to be able to communicate with you and be able to serve you as quickly as possible. Your completed data will be sent encrypted. This information is not used for any purpose other than handling your question or complaint.

2. Folders

We would like to inform you about our offers, products and services. For this we use your contact details that you have provided to us. If you have indicated that you would like to receive our brochure by post, we will use your (company) address to send the brochure. You can unsubscribe from this folder by contacting our DPO.

If you have given your consent, we will use your email address to send you the brochure digitally. If you do not want to receive any more e-mails from InWin NL, you can sign out via the "Unsubscribe all newsletters" link through the first email you receive.

To improve our service we perform statistical analyses on our sent digital leaflets. For example, we'll keep track of which version of the brochure was sent, whether the folder was opened, where it was clicked and whether sending a leaflet contributed to the operating result. Read more about this in the cookie statement.

3. Acquisition

InWin NL can directly contact you by post to become a customer. For this, InWin NL uses files that it buys from third parties. If this is the case, InWin NL will examine whether the data is lawfully obtained and report the origin of the data. InWin NL sometimes also uses other communication channels. We take into account the relevant (spam) legislation. You can register as a new customer in one of our offices or through our website.

Other data are optional and provide voluntary. They are not needed to become a InWin NL customer. Failure to provide optional information may result in the possibility that you may not be able to use certain services that are offered by InWin NL.

We keep track of all purchases you make with us. This means that we keep track of the products you buy, the quantities, at which time (date/time), at which location, the purchase amounts, the discounts obtained and the method of payment ("Purchase Data").

We use your purchase information to make the purchase invoice and/or to deliver your orders. In addition, we use your purchase details for making personalized offers, see below.

4. Personalised offers/targeted advertising

We also use purchase data to gain insight into the wishes and needs of our customers and as input for our offers, promotions and other marketing activities.

We also use your purchase information for personalized offers and to bring your selected products to your attention. We keep track of your purchasing habits in our customer database and can offer you targeted offers or send targeted mails.

If you have given permission to do so, you can also receive online targeted offers or get advertisements tailored to your preferences. InWin NL and third parties place cookies on this. By means of these cookies and pixels we collect and/or the third parties the following information:

• (part of your) IP address;

• Technical features such as the browser you use and the resolution of your computer screen;

• From which page you have come to our website;

• When and how long you use/visit our website;

• Whether you use the functionality of our website;

• Which pages you visit within our website;

• Your surfing habits outside our website.

5. Prize Draws

InWin NL regularly organizes competitions and prize draws. These prize draws usually apply to specific conditions. By participating in an action, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions state what information we process and whether we share your information with third parties.

6. Product Recall

It may happen that something is wrong with a product you bought from us. We use your purchase data and customer details to see if and when you purchased the product in question and to contact you. In exceptional situations, if your health, wellbeing or safety is at risk and you need to be informed as soon as possible, we may decide to share your information with the supplier or other third parties in order to take the necessary actions can undertake. In that case we will always agree with these third parties that they are only allowed to use your data for the recall action and then have to remove it.

7. Camera Surveillance

We protect our employees, customers and property from our office with cameras. These cameras are clearly visible and when you have entered one of our offices you will be alerted to the presence of camera surveillance.

8. Anonymous and statistical customer surveys

We attach great importance to your opinion as a customer. That is why we regularly invite our customers to participate in (market) research. Depending on the research, you will receive a questionnaire by e-mail. The results of such investigations are anonymous. We use the data exclusively to improve our service.

9. Personal Customer Survey (PCS)

In addition to general surveys, we also ask our customers to participate in a more Personal Customer Survey, PCS. Participation in this is voluntary. When you participate, we process the following information:

• Name,

• company name,

• Position in the company,

• Gender,

• your chosen language,

• Contact details (email address/Phone number/postal address),

• Transaction data;

• The answers you have given.

All replies and feedback you give can be redirected to you as a person. You can leave your own (additional) telephone number where we can reach you for comments on your feedback. We only use the data we collect via PCS to improve our services.

10. Purchasing/Suppliers

InWin NL processes personal data of its suppliers necessary for the purchase of products and the execution of the agreements with the suppliers. The data processed by InWin NL from its suppliers are the names and contact details of the contact persons and other data if this is necessary in a specific case.

11. Applications

If you make an application to InWin NL, the information you provide will be processed. These include:

• Name and address information,

• E-mail address, telephone number and other contact information,

• Birth data/age,

• Sex,

• Curriculum vitae (CV), information on training, internships and work experience,

• Data on training and training and/or assessments that you have followed or done through us,

• Data on availability,

• Assessing the suitability of the candidate, e.g. references, certificates, nationality and work permit;

• Other information you have provided to us.

This information can only be accessed by the recipients of this information, our recruiters and the persons involved in the selection procedure and conversations. InWin NL uses this information only for and during the application process.

How long do we keep your personal data?

InWin NL does not keep your personal data any longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the goals for which your data is collected. What does that mean in concrete terms?

Type of Data Retention Period and Reason
Customer Your personal data will be retained as long as you are a InWin NL customer. If you end the customer relationship, InWin NL saves your data for up to one year with the exception of those data for which there is a legal obligation. This applies, for example, to invoices.
Vendor Information Your personal data will be kept for as long as we do business or as long as you are our contact person for the supplier and as long as we are obliged to do so under the law.
Applicant Information Your information as an applicant will be kept for a maximum of one month after completion of a recruitment procedure, unless you have given permission to keep it longer. Your data will be deleted at the latest after 1 year.
Camera Images Our camera images are stored for up to 28 days, unless there is a good reason to keep the images longer (for example, a police investigation). Then the images are saved as long as necessary.

Do we share your information?

InWin NL is part of InWin Development Inc. that operates internationally. All data we process is stored in the data centers of InWin Development Inc. or their IT service providers. In addition, we share your information with InWin Development Inc. that provide services within the group, so-called shared service centers, for example in financial and administrative areas. Customer data is not accessible to InWin Group in other countries, except for headquarter in Taiwan R.O.C..

In addition to companies that are part of InWin Development Inc., we may share your data with third parties enabled by us, such as printers, e-mail and mail processors. We will only share this information in order to comply with our contractual obligations or for direct marketing purposes.

When we share your information with third parties, we impose the obligation on those third parties to protect your personal data properly. If we enable third parties established outside the European Economic Area (EEA), we will take additional measures where necessary.

InWin NL does not sell your personal data to third parties. In addition, InWin NL will only share your data with other parties than those mentioned above if required to do so by law.

How do we protect your data?

We protect your data to prevent it from being lost or falling into the wrong hands. Some of the measures we take are:

• We secure our website with a TLS certificate. Sends confidential information, for example, provided through a contact form, encrypted,

• Our software has been updated and we are using a firewall,

• Access to electronic systems is password protected and if remote access is given, we use two-factor authentication,

• Only authorized staff/third parties have access to your personal data,

• Sharing of personal data with third parties is done through a secure connection, and

• We conclude agreements with third parties who process your personal data in our mission, thereby guaranteeing your privacy

What rights do you have regarding your personal data?

You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. In addition, you have the right to revoke your consent to data processing or to object to the processing of your personal data by InWin NL. In some cases, you also have the right to transfer data. This means that you can submit a request to us to send the personal data that we have with you in a computer file to you or another organization you mentioned.

You may send a request for inspection, correction, deletion, data transfer of your personal data or request for withdrawal of your consent or objection to the processing of your personal data to [email protected] .

To ensure that the request for inspection has been made by you, we may ask you to send a copy of your identity document with the request. This is to protect your privacy. We will assess whether we should and can respond to your request. We will respond as soon as possible.

Furthermore, you can always change, correct or exercise other rights via email to [email protected] .

If you have any complaints about our data processing, please report this to our data protection officer as soon as possible. Of course we hope to come together here. In addition, it is possible to lodge a complaint with the National Supervisor - the Authority of Personal Data. This can be viewed through the following link: .

What if the InWin NL privacy policy changes?

The rules concerning the protection of personal data and our services may change. We therefore reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement. The most current privacy statement is always on This statement was last modified on 23th May 2018.

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